Our Secret:

It Starts With A Strong Team

Meet a hand-selected team, dedicated to a single goal: building a best-in-class fixed income manager.
All Firm Management Portfolio Management Investment Research Trading Compliance Finance Risk Management and Portfolio Operations Advisory Solutions Investor Relations Technology and Development
Matt Dalton
Laura Chapman
Chief Operating Officer, Partner
Melissa Chaffee
Chief Compliance Officer
Michael Menna
Chief Financial Officer
Steve Schum
Senior Business Advisor, Partner
Cara Grealy
Portfolio Manager, Partner
Nicole Robbins
Director of Marketing, Partner
Matt Thomas
Portfolio Manager, Partner
Max Christiana
Portfolio Manager, Partner
Dora Lee
Director of Research, Partner
Stan Sattler
Director of Investment Solutions, Partner
Gage Benoit
Assistant Portfolio Manager
Michael Luong
Vice President, Credit Research
Duwayne Walker
James Lyman
Senior Vice President, Credit Research
David Johnston
Vice President, Trader
Sean Walter
Dan O’ Brien
Institutional Development & Consultant Relations
Mark Richman
Senior Vice President, Advisory Solutions
Scott Tallman
Vice President, Advisory Solutions
Mason Durand
Vice President, Advisory Solutions
Ross Ingber
Vice President, Advisory Solutions
Brandon Rook
Associate, Advisory Solutions
Kyle Turnier
Head of Investor Relations
Ashley Weir
Senior Relationship Manager, Investor Relations
Amanda Tronni
Vice President, Investor Relations
Jack Riina
Associate, Investor Relations
Carolena Pizzuti
Associate, Investor Relations
Bridget Dalton
Associate, Investor Relations & ESG Specialist
Frank Schiavone
Associate, Investor Relations
Joe Spor
Associate, investor relations
Aleksandra Davis
Head of Portfolio Operations
Steven Cheng
Vice President, Portfolio Analytics
Michael Haut
Associate, Portfolio Operations
Kevin Beneventine
Associate, Trading Operations
Ryan Alt
Associate, Trading Operations
Dominic Luciani
Associate, Trading Operations
Adam Palmeri
Assistant Controller
Madison Ameer
Executive Office Administrator
Kali Barisano
Associate, Compliance
Isaac Mota
Head of Technology
Emmanuel De Los Santos
End User Management
Armen Manukian
Head of Software Development
Dilsat Sagin
Senior Software Engineer
Shiraz Sayed
Director of Data Engineering