We Believe In Picking One Thing
And Doing It Well.


While the fixed income markets can be complex and require sophisticated solutions, we believe that all too often good old-fashioned common sense is forgotten. What you will find with Belle Haven's investment process is that it is simple, straightforward, repeatable and effective.


This commitment has been our guide from our very first account in 2002 to the over $15 Billion in client assets that we manage today. We remain grateful for the opportunity to be of service.



Sometimes the
best ideas
are the
simple ones.



We trust much of our lives to others. We expect that our mechanics, pilots, doctors and bond managers have adequate knowledge to practice their craft. Rarely, however, do we challenge the depth and scope of that experience.

Our Portfolio Management and Credit Research teams have spent their careers focused on the fixed income market. Their experience includes underwriting, trading, banking, consulting, portfolio management and institutional sales. Team members are often called upon by major news organizations including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Bond Buyer, Thompson Reuters and Debtwire.

Using our experience from varying vantage points, we have developed a perception of the market both as we know it and others view it. The institutional relationships we have fostered over the years have proven to be valuable conduits through which we can take the pulse of the market. We have seen what has worked, and perhaps more importantly, what has not worked.


Diligent Research

Knowledge offsets risk

The fixed income market is an ever-changing landscape, littered with complex structures. Our clients know they can leave the homework to us. While alpha generation and total return are important, our number one goal is preservation of principal. That begins with understanding the nuances of each individual issue. We believe in unfiltered credit research, both internal and external, that is ego-less in the search for knowledge.


Our research is not limited to just credit and sector evaluation; we monitor economic trends and statistics as well as demographic data. It is our belief that a key component to limiting credit risk is not only though diligent credit research, but also through limiting exposure to any single issuer by maintaining a diverse portfolio. We evaluate holdings and portfolios on a periodic basis to ensure state allocations, yield curve positioning and credit quality.


Investment Process

Know your marketplace

The goal of many investment managers is to ensure safety while simultaneously working to enhance total return. Two primary methods exist for a manager to gain return and stay competitive: interest rate risk and credit risk. The problem is neither of those options are sustainable. No one can be correct 100% of the time. As a result, many portfolios do not reach their full potential.

Our process engages a third option to enhance returns; efficient trade execution. Employing this method allows us to temper our reliance on interest rate risk or credit risk, providing a more consistent vehicle for capturing excess returns.

We can then utilize our research and expertise to make calculated investment decisions. In essence, we have the liberty to pick our battles very carefully.



Always providing the mint on the pillow

When you have questions, we have answers. Our unmatched enthusiasm for helping clients is second nature to us. Belle Haven is committed to providing the highest level of service and support in all circumstances. We strive to respond in a timely fashion – we know your time is valuable. Attention to detail and a focus on our clients are features that set us apart. Below is a brief sampling of the services we offer:

  • A dedicated, professional Investor Relations Team, whose sole focus is supporting Advisors and Consultants, promptly attending to any and all questions and requests and supplying the latest information. The entire team can be reached at
  • Monthly composite performance updates.
  • Regular market commentary and PM thoughts.
  • Internally generated monthly portfolio snapshots.
  • Individualized proposals.
  • Head-to-head performance comparisons of our strategies to any other SMA or fund manager who reports to Morningstar.
  • Anonymous Portfolio Reviews for any current or prospective bond portfolio.
  • Notable trade alerts. 
  • Complete accessibility to our Portfolio Managers and Investment Team.


Opportunistic Management

Commonsense, at the ready

The funny thing about opportunity is you never know when it’s going to present itself. Keeping our clients’ portfolios in a constant state of access means that we’re able to harvest opportunity when it strikes.

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